Is There a Fee for the Inspection? How Long Will It Take? cost is - free


We(Chit Chaat Cafe) do not charge to you for the photo inspection, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

If anyone demands you money for it, it might be a scam

FYI there are some Phishing Scams/Sites out there might demand money.


Monday thru Friday

10 AM to 2 PM (Close 2 PM to 5PM) 

5 PM to 8 PM 

Saturday & Sunday  from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM  (in daylight only)

Please Avoid Rainy or Snow Days 


Send documents ahead of your visit

Send a picture of your Insurance card and your active email address at 518-888-1298

Access Needed

We will take pictures of vehicle majorly from outside and we need picture of EPA Sticker and mileage from inside.

Does Car Need to be cleaned?

It should not be covered with mud or snow, other than that it's okay.

How To Book Appointment

Walk-ins are welcome any time between our working hours, but if you still want to book an appointment follow the link 


Who Can Bring

Anybody can bring the vehicle for inspection (friends, family). They don't need to be on insurance.

where are we located

1275 Central Ave Albany NY 12205

we are located in Colonie area

Between AHL Ave & Grounds Pl

next to old Grandma Dinner

same side as Bryant & Stratton College

across LIA HONDA

here is the google link for directions 

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What Is the Purpose of the Inspection?

Your vehicle will be inspected to document its existence, physical condition, and existing options and accessories. 

What Will Take Place During the Inspection?

The CARCO inspector will complete a state-mandated inspection report form, noting the general condition of your vehicle, options, accessories, vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer reading, and other required information. You will then review and sign the inspection report. The inspector will also take photographs of your vehicle (except in Forida). At the completion of the vehicle photo inspection, a copy for your report will automatically send at email provided during inspection for your records, which should be retained for your personal records, or provided to your broker or insurance company if it's requested. The original inspection report, with photos, will be processed by CARCO and forwarded to your insurance company.

There is a regulation in states with mandatory inspection laws that requires vehicles subject to pre-insurance vehicle photo inspection to be completed within a grace period, which differs by state (listed below). If you do not comply within the allotted time, your physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) will be suspended at 12:01 a.m. the day after the end of the grace period.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-969-2272 extension 306 or email us at 

CARCO Offers an Easy Way to Check the Status of Your Inspection Report

If you have completed your vehicle inspection report within the last 60 days, you can review its status here. 

Start your search by entering either the last eight digits of your VIN or your CARCO Report ID (found at the top right of your report).

Match Found

If your report has been processed by CARCO, you will receive a match that states "found result". This means we have received your report and supplied a copy to your insurance company.

Note: If your insurance company appears to be incorrect, please contact:

For all other issues or inquiries, contact CARCO Customer Service at 1-800-969-2272 and select option 2, then 3.

No Match Found

If your report has not yet been processed by CARCO, you will receive a result of 0 matches found. You may receive this notice if your report is still in transit or being processed.

Please allow up to one business day from the date of your inspection for processing.

Please check back soon or call 1-800-969-2272 extension 306.

Customer Service


CARCO Customer Service
1-800-969-2272, ext. 306

Chit Chaat Cafe (Albany Site # NY01K1)Phone: (518)